Angel Boudoir-020
“I just did an outdoor boudoir shoot with Jenna today and I felt compelled to post a review on her work. I was on the hunt for a photographer who used a lot of natural light and could catch all the little moments that matter the most in photos. I looked high and low, at many different websites and I even called a few photographers. Some never even bothered to call or email me back, which made me start to lose faith. Then I saw Jenna’s website and her photos blew me away. What really caught my eye about her photos was her ability to capture everything, from the smallest look to the background itself. When she called me back we talked for over an hour and she took the time to get to know me, what I liked, the direction I wanted my photos to go etc.. I decided during that call that Jenna was the photographer I wanted to go with. Fast forward a few emails and pinterest board ideas later, we met up for the shoot. We decided to do it at the Hidden Valley Retreat in Escondido, which made for an amazing background. Once I got there, Jenna greeted me as if I were a good friend and put me at ease immediately. We went through all of my outfit options and decided which ones we liked the most. She was all about the details (just like myself) and even went as far as helping decide which accessories would work well with each outfit/look. She cranked M.I.A. on the stereo and we jumped into it. We played around with poses, lighting, props and furniture. When it was time to do some tasteful topless and near topless photos, Jenna was a total pro about it and never made me feel uncomfortable once. Considering that I’m a curvy girl who has some insecurities when it comes to certain parts of my body her positive attitude and kind words allowed me to come out of my shell and let my confidence shine through. Even when we went over our 1.5 hour time frame she stayed until we got all the shots that mattered most to me. Talk about commitment :) I loved how she listened to my ideas, took my opinion into consideration and made it all a fun, carefree and beautiful shoot. I never saw any of the shots because I want to be surprised just like my fiance will be ;) Speaking of which, he and I both agreed we want her to to do our engagement photos, which we will be shooting this month as well. I hope this review helps anybody out there who’s interested in finding a photographer who does creative, beautiful and genuine work. Trust me folks.. If photography is the most important aspect of your wedding, event or any other important moment in your life, then investing in Flutter Glass is TOTALLY worth it. Thank you so much Jenna. I look forward to seeing you for the engagement shoot and to see my boudoir photos.”